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Micro pulse technic *High-Intense Focused Ultrasound


HIFU * treatment devices
* High-intense focused ultrasound

A revolutionary novelty for the treatment of cosmetic non-surgical procedures.

High-power, targeted ultrasound energy extends to whatever surgeon’s knife: SMAS tissue. There is talk of a breakthrough in the history of the development of knifeless facelifts.

HIFU is a completely unique device with a power effect of up to 4.5mm

depth, between subcutaneous tissue and muscle. Only a surgeon's knife can reach deeper.

An additional feature is the possibility of vaginal treatment!

  • No surgery = no recovery time
  • Smoothes wrinkles
  • Removes unwanted fat
  • Firms the skin and subcutaneous tissues naturally
  • The effectiveness of the treatment is long-lasting  
  • A novelty vaginal treatment: helps with dryness, urinary incontinence. Firming treatment.

Treatment examples:

  • Angle raising; treatment of the forehead area tightens the forehead skin, which in turn raises the eyebrows. This gives a lively look.  

  • Double jaw solidification; the treatment can be used to firm and remove the double jaw.

  • Cheek lift

  • The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes, and after treatment the patient can continue their daily routines.

  • Recommended for people aged around 40-60, or people whose skin has not yet lost its natural elasticity, but which are already showing signs of aging.

Hifu equipment range


Medical 4D-HIFU

Multifunction HIFU device; for face, body and vaginal care. 


New model. Portable compact 7D-HIFU device, painless and effective for the treatment of deep wrinkles.

Portable 7D-HIFU

A modern portable HIFU device for face and body care.

Portable HIFU

Small portable HIFU with one treatment head.

Näyttökuva 2021-6-6 kello 11.21_edited.jpg


The latest device released in 2021

Näyttökuva 2021-9-1 kello 18.16.05.png

5D- HIFU& RF-Microneedle

The latest device released in 2021

Meditechs hifu mfu rf.png

5D- HIFU& RF-Microneedle

The latest device released in 2021

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