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Physio Muscle Shape

HIFEM technology for body shaping and rehabilitation.


High-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology stimulates muscle contraction so that the body's muscles alternately expand and contract.

  • The treatment is painless and sweat-free, you only feel the contraction and tightening of the muscles
  • 30,000 strong muscle contractions in a 30-minute treatment
  • Helps fat cells to metabolize and break down
  • The treatment is recommended four times in two weeks

HIFEM -technology

  • The energy flows through two treatment handles, penetrating the muscle to a depth of approx. 8 cm

  • The vibration causes constant muscle expansion and contraction

  • The treatment produces new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia)

  • The 100% muscle contraction of the HIFEM technique can significantly trigger lipolysis

  • The treatment strengthens and grows muscles while reducing fat

  • Great for muscle rehabilitation, e.g. after surgery

Physio Muscle Shape device variations

Physio Muscle Shape -laite
High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology
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