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ShapeRoll - Rullaushoito

Shape Roll-VE Vibro electroporation
Roll Therapy & Needleless Mesotherapy

Very effective in treating edema, muscle tension and orange peel skin!

The device uses micro-vibration and air pressure technology combined with a rolling / rotating motion, as well as a fast electric pulse wave to absorb the active ingredient.

Shape Roll therapy treatment improves  appearance of the skin, enhances lymph fluid circulation and eliminates swelling, and triggers muscle tension and  nervous tension pains, as well as speeding up muscle recovery from exertion.


In addition, it smoothes the sagging skin of the face and body (orange skin) by enhancing microcirculation. 

Electroporation can be used to treat

  • Fine lines, skin unevenness and flaccidity
  • Skin dryness, fatigue and stress
  • Premature aging of the skin
  • Color and pigment changes
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation

Vibro electroporation

Needleless mesotherapy or electroporation facial
  • Angle raising; treatment of the forehead area tightens the forehead skin, which in turn raises the eyebrows. This gives a lively look.  

  • Double jaw solidification; the treatment can be used to firm and remove the double jaw.

  • Cheek lift

  • The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes, and after treatment the patient can continue their daily routines.

  • Recommended for people aged around 40-60, or people whose skin has not yet lost its natural elasticity, but which are already showing signs of aging.

Scrolling functions


For the body

Body fluid and microcirculation 


Eliminates cellulite and smoothes the skin. Visible results after the first treatment!

For the face

A completely new kind of lifting treatment  face


Stimulating facial muscles and revitalizing microcirculation.

For the feet

Excellent for foot massage


Stimulator and relaxer for sole zone pressure points.

For the body

Relaxes tense muscles and shoulders


Rolling and microvibration together are an effective treatment method for treating muscle tension.

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